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Wooden spa accessories : Bucket - Hinoki soap with rest - Hinoki spa bags

Wooden spa accessories : Bucket - Hinoki soap with rest - Hinoki spa bags

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Premium Craftsmanship: Excellence Embodied

Our Hinoki Cypress Bath Accessories are handcrafted, echoing Japan's esteemed artisanship traditions. Every piece showcases meticulous attention to detail, promising both beauty and authenticity.

Hinoki Wood Benefits: Bathing's Natural Luxury

Hinoki wood isn't just material; it's an experience. Renowned for its therapeutic aroma and beauty, it promises relaxation and a touch of Japan's serene landscapes with every use.

Sustainability: Nature's Harmony

Crafted from responsibly sourced wood, our accessories emphasize sustainability. Each piece reflects our commitment to the planet's beauty and balance.

Elevate Home Aesthetics

Beyond functionality, our accessories stand as decor masterpieces. Infuse your space with Zen-inspired tranquility and the essence of harmonious living.


  • Handy Bucket: Marrying Japanese aesthetics and functionality, this Hinoki wood bucket enriches your bath ritual.
  • Hinoki Soap & Soap Rest: Experience the Hinoki soap's fragrant embrace, paired with its dedicated natural wood rest, ensuring your soap's longevity.
  • Hinoki Japanese Spa Bags: Immerse in aromatic tranquility, each bag encapsulating the essence of a traditional sauna.

Why Choose Our Hinoki Cypress Bath Accessories?

  • Authentic Craftsmanship: Celebrating the heart of Japanese tradition.
  • Elegant Decor: Beyond utility, our pieces accentuate home aesthetics.
  • Natural Wood: Experience the rejuvenating aroma of Hinoki wood.
  • Quality Assured: Crafted from top-tier materials for a lasting experience.
  • Dive into a holistic sanctuary with our Hinoki Cypress Bath Accessories. Embrace a touch of Japanese elegance in your home, marrying form, function, and tranquility.




Hinoki (Japanese cypress)


Bucket: φ22 x H11.5cm / 8.66 x 4.52inch Soap dish 12 x 7.8 x 1cm / 4.7 x 3 x 0.4inch Soap 8 x 5 x 2.3cm / 3.1 x 1.9 x 0.9inch Spa bag Contents: 22g (0.7oz) x 2 bags

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