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Japanese Sumac Wax Taper Candles - Organic Set of 12, 11cm/4.3in

Japanese Sumac Wax Taper Candles - Organic Set of 12, 11cm/4.3in

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Artisan Quality

These candles are a tribute to meticulous Japanese craftsmanship, offering longevity and a steady flame. They're carefully shaped to perfection, ensuring each candle stands straight and burns uniformly. Celebrate tranquility with every light, basking in the glow of artisanal heritage.

Graceful Light

Embrace the harmony and balance found in the light of our sumac wax candles. Their gentle illumination is a silent ode to the serene Japanese landscapes. Let the soft, flickering light transform ordinary moments into a meditative experience.


By choosing our candles, you're embracing a lifestyle that prioritizes eco-responsibility. They burn cleanly, leaving behind little impact on the air you breathe. Their natural composition promises a return to simplicity and an homage to the earth's gifts.


*Crafted with 100% genuine sumac wax.

*Handmade using techniques passed down through generations.

*Ensures a long, stable burn with a luminous flame.

*Naturally fragrance-free and hypoallergenic.

*Eco-conscious and sustainable choice.

*Ideal for adding a touch of serenity to your home or spiritual practice.

**Japanese candles have a thick wick, which tends to cause the flame to grow larger, so please be especially careful.

**If the wick begins to remain during burning, remove the wick leaving 1 to 2 cm of wick using a wick cutter or fire tongs.


Akita, Japan


Crafted with 100% genuine sumac wax.


Length 11cm / 4.3inch - 35 minute Burn *12 pieces in a box

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