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Square bath stool and bucket

Square bath stool and bucket

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Masterful Craftsmanship in Every Detail

Dive into the world of luxurious Japanese bathroom accessories with our square bath stool and bucket, expertly crafted from the renowned Sawara Hinoki wood. Every piece of our collection, be it the Japanese bath chair or the shower stool wooden, is handcrafted by skilled artisans, ensuring that each product not only exudes elegance but also embodies the finest Japanese bath accessories traditions.

The Hinoki Advantage: Beauty and Benefits

Beyond its distinct beauty, Hinoki wood, a highlight in our hinoki bathroom accessories, boasts natural anti-bacterial properties, making it an optimal choice for wooden bathroom accessories. The Japanese stool, which doubles as a bath chair, provides comfortable seating with its strategic design, while the hinoki bath bucket ensures that water remains warm for longer. As you relax, let the calming aroma and intricate wood grain of the Hinoki, reminiscent of a traditional Japanese foot soaking bucket, transport you to serene Japanese onsens.

Sustainability and Durability

Choosing our hinoki bathroom accessories is a step towards eco-conscious living. Made from Hinoki cypress wood, these wooden shower stools and bath buckets are not just visually appealing but also sustainable. Celebrated for its innate bacterial resistance, Hinoki wood naturally wards off stains and grooves. And for those seeking a comprehensive bathing experience, our foot basin and foot soaking tub options, crafted with the same dedication, are must-have additions. Bonus: The Japanese bath bucket smartly nests within the bathroom stool, ensuring a tidy look and effortless accessibility.





Hinoki (Japanese cypress)


he bath stool : 30x20x30cm / 11.8x7.8x11.8inch The bucket : 22xH.11.5cm / 8.6x4.5inch

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Customer Reviews

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Justine Gelineau

J'adore. En plus le bois dégage une odeur incroyable et enbaume tout la pièce. J'ai l'impression d'être à nouveau au Japon

Chère Justine,

Merci pour votre avis enthousiaste sur notre tabouret et seau de bain Square ! Ravis qu’ils vous rappellent le Japon par leur parfum boisé. Votre satisfaction est notre plus belle récompense.

Au plaisir de vous ravir à nouveau.


Service client
Irasshai Japanese crafts