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Hinoki wood Bath bucket with handle

Hinoki wood Bath bucket with handle

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Masterful Craftsmanship: A Testament to Japanese Bath Accessories

Experience the epitome of Japanese artistry with our Hinoki wood bath bucket, a pinnacle in our collection of Japanese bathroom accessories. Every handcrafted bucket showcases Japan's revered tradition of crafting excellence. As you scoop and pour, you're not just partaking in a bathing ritual but celebrating a legacy of unmatched skill and precision.

The Magic of Hinoki Wood: The Essence of Wooden Bathroom Accessories

At the heart of our elite range of hinoki bathroom accessories is the renowned Hinoki wood. Each time you fill your bath, the space is infused with the soothing fragrance of cypress wood. Beyond its aromatic allure, Hinoki wood, emblematic of high-quality Japanese bath accessories, boasts natural resistance to stains and grooves, ensuring durability. Its antibacterial nature ensures a spa experience that's as hygienic as it is luxurious.

Sustainability: A Staple in Modern Bathroom Luxury

Every Hinoki wood bath bucket we offer underscores our commitment to sustainable luxury. As part of our curated collection of wooden bathroom accessories, this bucket is carved from eco-friendly Hinoki wood. Bathing thus becomes a conscious act of indulgence, blending personal pampering with ecological responsibility.

Caring for Your Hinoki Bath Bucket:

To maintain the pristine quality of your bucket:

  • Recognize that variations in grain, color, and weight are part of wood's natural charm.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and do not dry excessively.
  • After use, rinse well, position to allow efficient airflow, and let it dry naturally.
  • Ensure the bucket isn't continuously filled with water, using it as an essential bath accessory.

 For insights into the world of cypress wood and its place in Japanese bath culture, peruse our dedicated blog post, "Impression on Japanese wooden bath". Dive deeper into the elegance and intricacies of Japanese spa luxury.




Hinoki (Japanese cypress)


W.5.8 x H.9 inch / W.14.8 x H.23cm

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