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Premium Tatami mat for relaxation

Premium Tatami mat for relaxation

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These rush grass sheets are easy to lay on top of futons and mattresses!

For about 300 years, rushes have been used in Japan to keep cool when sleeping in the summer. The natural material is gentle to the body, and its pleasant fragrance brings healing. It can be said to be a natural material version of today's cooling sheets! The rushes' characteristic moisture absorbency will keep you dry and wrap around your body!

Choose a mat that is both beautiful and sustainable, choose our Japanese Tatami Roll Mat. It can be used for yoga, outdoor activities, play mats, and various other occasions. This product can be used outdoors. However, please refrain from exposing it to direct sunlight for long periods of time, as it will dry out and cause soreness. Also, if it gets wet, it is best to keep it dry as much as possible to avoid mold.

*Made of natural materials: Japanese Igusa rush grass Best quality

*100% Made in Japan.

* Tamai mat flooring is comfortable, breathable materials, relieve muscle tensions.

* Easy to clean and maintain, tatami mat provides natural insulation and ventilation.

More explanations on the natural materials: Negoza (sleeping mat) made of Japanese rushes (from Kumamoto Prefecture). Each strand of Japanese rush grass is thicker, with a thicker outer skin and finer fibers, making it more elastic and durable.

Rushes are :

1) three times more hygroscopic than cotton, which reduces sweaty dampness;

2) humidity regulating, which prevents stuffiness and promotes comfortable sleeping;

3) over 90% control of chemicals that cause sweaty odors, which reduces odors;

4) a high level of moisture absorption, which reduces the risk of sweat and odor;


Kumamoto, Japan


Rush grass. *Edge cloth made of polypropylene, polyethylene


35.4 x 74.8 inch / 90 x 190 cm

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