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Cypress wood Bath bucket

Cypress wood Bath bucket

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Premium Craftsmanship: Handmade Onsen Bath Bucket

Experience the epitome of relaxation with our handmade Japanese onsen bath bucket, a masterpiece of craftsmanship fashioned from Hiba wood (Japanese cypress). This bath bucket, a premium addition to Japanese style bathroom accessories, reflects an unparalleled commitment to artisanal skill. Each wooden bucket is carefully crafted to bring the serene and luxurious feel of a Japanese spa right into your bathroom, showcasing the traditional Japanese craft in every detail.

Local Manufacturing Sustainability: Hiba Cypress Eco-Friendly Choice

Our onsen bath bucket is not just a luxurious bathroom accessory; it's a symbol of environmental responsibility. Crafted from sustainably-sourced Hiba cypress, this eco-friendly product contributes to preserving natural resources. By choosing this traditional Japanese craft, you are not only enjoying the unique aroma and durability of Hiba wood but also supporting sustainable practices. This commitment extends beyond the product to embody a lifestyle that values and preserves our environment, aligning with principles of ecological consciousness.

Hiba Cypress Quality: Durable and Hygienic

The quality of Hiba cypress sets our bath bucket apart. Renowned for its antibacterial, restorative, insect control, and deodorizing properties, Hiba wood is a highly valued material in Japan, making it an ideal choice for bathroom accessories. Its natural resistance to blackening and slime ensures that your bath bucket remains clean and hygienic through many uses. This durability, combined with the wood's natural benefits, makes our bath bucket not just a bathroom accessory, but a long-lasting investment in quality and wellness, embracing the essence of a Japanese-style bathroom.




Hiba (Japanese cypress) with copper hoop


8.85 x 4.52inch / 22.5 x H11.5cm

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