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Hinoki sake cups, bottle and tub for Onsen

Hinoki sake cups, bottle and tub for Onsen

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Premium Craftsmanship: Celebrating Artisanal Excellence

Dive into the world of meticulous Japanese craftsmanship with our luxurious cypress wood sake set. Every piece, from the tub to the cup, is handcrafted with precision and passion by seasoned Japanese artisans. The dedication to preserving age-old techniques shines through in each detail, making every drinking and dining moment reminiscent of a traditional Onsen hot spring experience.

Benefits of Hinoki Wood: Elevating Function & Experience

Hinoki, or Japanese cypress wood, isn't just about aesthetics; it's a marvel in functionality. Renowned for its natural antibacterial properties, our sake set not only offers a touch of elegance but also a hygienic choice for your beverages and food. With the clear urethane coating, the set ensures a hassle-free cleaning experience. Moreover, the authentic aroma from the Hinoki wood enriches every sip of sake or tea, transporting you to a serene Japanese landscape.

Sustainability: A Conscientious Approach to Luxury

In the era of mindful choices, sustainability stands paramount. Our cypress wood sake set doesn't merely cater to luxury; it resonates with our commitment to the planet. Crafted from top-tier, sustainably sourced Hinoki Japanese cypress, this set is a beacon of eco-friendly opulence. Whether you're enjoying a soak or savoring a drink, you're also embracing a greener, conscious lifestyle. With versatile functions, like the tub doubling as a sake bottle cooler bucket, this set ensures minimalism without compromising on the elegance and functionality that Hinoki wood offers.




Hinoki Japanese cypress


φ21 x 10 cm

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