5 eco-friendly alternatives for things you use everyday

5 eco-friendly alternatives for things you use everyday

In this article, I offer you a selection of products made from natural materials by Japanese artisans. 

Caring about the development of local craftsman and the awareness of environmental protection is a philosophy of life that I would like to share. The ecological transaction must be concerned with aesthetic consideration, the beautiful and the pleasant.

Japanese tatami interior with garden veranda

1. Bath bucket made of Hinoki Japanese cypress

Bath Bucket

A Japanese onsen bath bucket made of Hinoki wood (Japanese cypress) neutralizing odor with a lovely scent of cypress wood to create a Japanese spa at home.

Hinoki Japanese cypress is naturally bacteria suppressant, a very healthy material safe from bacteria and the wooden pail makes you feel like you are in a hot spring hotel. Hinoki is naturally resistant to stains and grooves.

For more information on Japanese bath products made of cypress wood, please consult our blog page on that subject by clicking here "Impression on Japanese wooden bath"

 2. Bamboo wine bucket chiller

Wine bucket

An elegant way to chill your most favorite wine with this 100% natural eco-friendly bamboo wine cooler. The natural bamboo and its unique aesthetic added with it the fact that it is handmade and eco-friendly are the main reasons for its popularity.

 3. Bento Lunch box made of cedar wood

Bento lunch box


A traditional "mage-wappa" Japanese bento lunch box made of Japanese cedar. The specific pattern of wire in the center of the box, called Ajiro, emphasizes the grain of the wood and gives to the Bento lunch box a strong presence. This handmade "mage-wappa" Bento lunch box has a solid presence and grain. This is an ideal Bento lunch box for carrying your food during an excursion and picnics. There are no traditional fastenings at the joints and the form is neat and clean. And this Japanese Bento lunch box is also convenient to use as a storage container in the kitchen.

  • The special process is used to glue them together and the specifications are determined after repeated strength tests so you can use it with peace of mind. 
  • Bent wappa is surprisingly strong and lightweight so it is easy to handle.
  • Wood has low thermal conductivity ao it is less susceptible to the influence of its surroundings.

For more information on Japanese mage wappa bento made of cypress wood, please consult our blog page on that subject by clicking here "Mage Wappa : The traditional Japanese wooden lunch box" 

4. A sushi plate made of Hinoki Cypress wood

Wooden sushi plate

A wooden sushi plate made of Hinoki-Cypress wood with red knots used as accents. Hinoki wood is naturally bacteria suppressant, very good sanitary condition which makes it the best sushi plates used by sushi chefs.

It is large enough to place sushi or sashimi and also to serve creative dishes, hors-d'oeuvres at home parties or sweets. 

The use of red knots as accents conveys the dynamic image of Japanese cypress.

Precautions: This product is not dishwasher or microwave safe. Because it is made of natural materials and handmade, there may variations in color and size. The grain, knotting, and color of each piece will vary due to the nature of the material and also, the wood may slightly rough around the knots.

5. Tatami mat flooring made of natural grass

Tatami mat 

A natural Japanese tatami mat flooring made of rush grass "Igusa" having features such as air purification, humidity control and stain resistance.

The surface of the tatami is treated with an essence of "Hiba", extracted from the Hiba tree in Aomori prefecture, using the manufacturer's unique technology. The essence of Hiba contains hinokitiol, a natural substance with extremely high antibacterial properties. It has antibacterial and deodorizing effects compared to untreated products. It is economical because it can be used on both sides.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to read my article and do not hesitate to contact me to share ideas about ecological transition and well-being, or about the products presented in this article.
Let us leave to the next generations a beautiful and pleasant Earth.

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