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Bamboo wine bucket chiller

Bamboo wine bucket chiller

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If you're a wine enthusiast with an eye for style and sustainability, meet our favorite kitchen accessory: the Bamboo Wine Bucket Chiller. Meticulously crafted with the brilliance of Japanese craftsmanship, this piece seamlessly blends functionality and aesthetics.

Key Features:

Eco-friendly Material: Made from high-quality and sustainable bamboo, our wine cooler bucket is a testament to environmental consciousness and durability.

Stylish and Sustainable: The unique design of our bamboo ice bucket doesn't just look good—it's also environmentally responsible. Say goodbye to wasteful ice; this wine bucket chiller keeps your beverages chilled for hours on end.

Japanese Craftsmanship: Bringing the finesse and precision of Japanese craftsmanship to your home, each bucket is a piece of art that offers insulation properties ensuring your wine remains at the ideal temperature.

Functional and Convenient: Beyond its striking design, this wine cooler bucket stands out for its functionality. It's a convenient addition to your kitchen, making every wine session an experience in itself.

Easy Maintenance: Our bamboo buckets are designed for real-life use—they're easy to clean, store, and maintain.


Material: Premium Sustainable Bamboo

Design: Traditional Japanese Craftsmanship

Product Type: Wine Cooler Bucket / Wine Bucket Chiller

Maintenance: Easy-to-clean and store

Embrace eco-friendliness, indulge in exquisite Japanese craftsmanship, and elevate your wine sessions. Experience the fusion of style and functionality with our Bamboo Wine Bucket Chiller.






φ13 x H18.2cm / φ5.1 x H7.1inch

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