A wooden cutting board on a wood table

The best cutting board is from Japan

What a pleasure to prepare a good dish at home! We attach great importance to the quality of the products like finding good quality vegetables. However, the kitchen tools with which the delicious meal will be prepared has also a strong value.

Hinoki cutting board

Let's look at one of the essential tool for culinary creation: The wooden cutting board. And the Hinoki cutting board from Japan is said to be one of the best cutting board. But for what reason? 

First of all, Hinoki Japanese cypress is one of the most elegant types of wood in Japan, used for all kind of purposes for a very long time such as material for temples and shrines or building interiors, floor and walls. And the reason why Hinoki cypress is used for many years it is because this wood is naturally antifungal, bacteria suppressant, and a natural insecticide / pesticide. 

Hinoki cypress tree from Koya san cemetery

Why is Hinoki wood essential to make the best cutting board? Because the hinoki wood does some natural disinfecting for you naturally. No wonder that the Hinoki cypress is the standard cutting board for sushi chefs!

And of course, the Hinoki cypress's scent which is a bit piney but not too floral or citrusy. It evokes a sense of deep calm, like walking into a cypress forest and often associated with relaxation and meditation.

Japanese cedar tree Hinoki

So why not cooking your favorite meal with relaxation!!! :)

 Wood cutting board

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