outdoor hotspring in winter with snow around the hotspring and a wooden roof

Impression on Japanese wooden bath

Personally, I appreciate this light and refreshing moment that allows me to clear my mind and this moment is appreciated even more in a space where you can smell the natural scents of the wood that mingle with the freshness of the water.

What a pleasure to refresh and relax one's body and mind after a long day! Sitting on a Japanese wooden stool and splashing water using objects made of natural materials such as Hinoki cypress wood contributes to this. Indeed, one has the impression of refreshing oneself at the edge of a river surrounded by cypress.

Relaxing in shower and bath

In Japan, people know that and have been taken shower and bath by using natural materials such as wood bath chair and wood bucket made of cypress wood called HINOKI.

Found in bathroom throughout Japan in Japanese dwelling, Ryokan (Traditional Japanese Inn) and Sento (Communal bath house), Hinoki bath stools are used to sit on and wash before proceeding into a bath for a soak. 

Hinoki scent

Hinoki is a the name given to a particular kind of cypress which has the particularity to dry very quickly and therefore making it a great material as a shower or a bath floor mat and Hinoki is also a naturally anti-odor and it is meant to be used with water.

If you feel tension in your neck, back o shoulders as I do, I recommend a relaxation time in a bathroom with natural surroundings and give the body and the mind, a refreshing relaxing time!

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Bath bucket made of cypress wood Hinoki 

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 Bath stool and bucket set made of cypress wood Hinoki

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Bath stool made of cypress wood Hinoki

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Foot bath tub made of cypress wood Hinoki

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 Sake cup, bottle and tub made of cypress wood Hinoki

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