tatami mat in a Japanese traditional living room

Natural movable tatami : Make your room an haven of peace

One easy way to relieve stress from our hyperactive life is to change our home into an haven of pace and Japanese people have known that for a very long time. The tatami room is a shoes-off relaxation space where you can laydown anywhere like a huge bed and smell the scent of fresh grass. 

Japanese tatami room with tea pot jizaikagi  Japanese tatami room with two umbrellas

Traditional Japanese housing

Only in Japanese traditional houses one could enjoy this huge tatami room made by the tatami maker shop around the corner. 

But now, everyone can get its natural Japanese tatami made in Japan. These movables are made of natural rush grass called Igusa in Japanese. The Igusa scent has the same soothing effect as herbs, like rosemary.

Japanese tatami room windowJapanese tatami room with wooden table at the centre


There are different type of movable tatami, all of them are made of natural grass Igusa having features such as air purification, humidity control and stain resistance. Adding to this the surface of the tatami is treated with an essence of "Hiba", extracted from the Hiba tree in Aomori prefecture, using the manufacturer's unique technology. The essence contains an unique natural antibacterial propriety. 

Selection of tatami mat

Nowadays, there are different shape of tatami mat: 

100% Natural tatami mat

Tatami rug checkered pattern

Square tatami mat

Carrigeable tatami mat


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