A Japanese-style room with tatami floor mats arranged in a 3x3 grid. The mats have a light green color with beige borders. In the center of the arrangement sits a small, round wooden tray with a clear glass teapot and two cups.

Movable Tatami: Your Haven of Peace at Home

In our fast-paced, hyperactive world, finding peace and relaxation at home is more important than ever. The Japanese have long mastered this art with their traditional tatami rooms. A place where shoes are left at the door, these rooms offer a sanctuary of calm, where the scent of fresh grass and the comfort of a large, bed-like space invites relaxation.

A traditional Japanese room with tatami mats, wooden sliding doors, a low table, green walls, and a paper lantern.

The Essence of Traditional Japanese Housing 

Experience the Serenity of a Tatami Room

Traditionally, only in Japanese houses could one find the luxury of a large tatami room, crafted by local tatami makers. These spaces are synonymous with tranquility, where elements like a tea pot jizaikagi and the minimalistic decor contribute to an atmosphere of peace.


A dimly lit traditional Japanese room with tatami mats, wooden beams, a central hearth with a kettle, and sliding paper doors.


Accessible Japanese Craftsmanship

Bringing Tatami to Every Home

Now, the beauty and tranquility of natural Japanese tatami mats are accessible to everyone. Crafted in Japan, these movable mats are made from natural rush grass, known as Igusa, offering the soothing scent of herbs like rosemary. This traditional craft has transcended its cultural boundaries, allowing anyone to incorporate this element of Japanese serenity into their home.

A person's hand rests gently on a textured tatami mat, showcasing the natural weave of the traditional Japanese flooring.

The Modern Adaptation of Tatami 

Innovative Features for Contemporary Living

Modern movable tatami mats come with added benefits. Each mat is crafted from Igusa, providing air purification, humidity control, and stain resistance. Additionally, the tatami surface is treated with essence from the Hiba tree, using unique technology for natural antibacterial properties. These features make the tatami mats not only a source of tranquility but also a practical choice for contemporary homes.

A minimalist Japanese room with green tatami mats, sliding shoji screens, a central tea set on a tray, and a small vase in an alcove.

Whether placed beneath a wooden table or used as a flexible flooring option, natural movable tatami mats offer a simple yet profound way to transform any room into a haven of peace. By adopting this traditional Japanese element, you can create a space in your home dedicated to relaxation and well-being, enveloped in the calming scent of nature.

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