Natural tatami mat: A cultural and ecological choice for your home.

Natural tatami mat: A cultural and ecological choice for your home.

Tatami mat : Fashionable and eco-friendly

Natural tatami mats have long been a chief in traditional Japanese homes and have lately gained fashionability in the Western world as a unique and eco-friendly flooring option. Japanese tatami mats are made from natural accoutrements, similar as rush grass or straw, and give a number of benefits for both the terrain and the people who use them. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of using tatami mats as eco-friendly flooring and why it’s important to consider sustainable options for our homes. Natural tatami mats have rich history and artistic significance in Japan, but their practical and environmental advantages make them suitable for any home.

  tatami room in a traditional Japanese house

A biodegradable and renewable flooring

One the main benefits of using natural accoutrements for flooring is that the’re biodegradable and renewable. Unlike synthetic accoustrements, natural tatami won’t contaminate the terrain when they’re no longer demander. Also, natural materials like rush grass can be fluently replenished, making them a sustainable choice for flooring.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, natural accoutrements also offer other benefits. For illustration, tatami mats made from rush or straw give a soft and gentled face that can help reduce fatigue and strain on the bases and legs. They also have natural sequestration parcels that can help keep a room cool in the summer and warm for a relaxing time.

Overall, tatami mats made from natural materials like rush grass or straw are a great choice for flooring. They’re durable, comfortable and sustainable, making them a great addition to any home or office.

Comparison of Tatami mats with other flooring options.

When compared to synthetic accoutrements, natural accoutrements are less likely to wear and tear over time. Natural tatami mats are also thicker than other flooring options, which means they can repel further wear, tear and gash. Also, Tatami mats are resistant to humidity and insects, making them a great option for high-moisture surroundings. So, Japanese tatami mats are a great investment for those looking for a durable and long-lasting flooring option.

We hope this article on tatami mat ahs been instructional and has inspired you to consider as a flooring option for your home or office.

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Folding Natural Tatami Mat

Soft, comfortable and practical, this authentic foldable tatami mat can be carried and placed wherever you want. Made of Igusa grass which has properties to control humidity, avoiding moldy and smelly tatami mat and also deodorizing effects, making it an ideal Japanese folding bed tatami mattress for bedding. 

 Japanese Tatami mat Okinawa style


 Create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere in your living room or bedroom by installing on your floor this tatami rug from Okinawa Islands made of Okinawa beeg, a type of rush grass thicker an tougher than the original rush grass.

 Japanese Tatami mat with checkered pattern


 An authentic tatami made from Igusa rush grass produced locally in the Japanese countryside, in the kumamoto region. Each blade of Japanese rush grass is thicker, with a thicker outer skin and finer fibers, making it stronger and more durable.

 Tatami mat flooring


A natural Japanese tatami mat flooring made of rush grass "Igusa" having features such as air purification, humidity control and stain resistance. 

Tatami mat unit 100% natural rush grass


Install your own floor using these tatami mat unit. You can choose the number of partitions you want, it will depend on the surface you want to cover. You can choose 2,4,6, 9 or even more tatami mat bocks if you wish. 

 Tatami mat unit square


Create a traditional Japanese flooring with these tatami mat unit that you pace directly on your floor. Indeed, it is possible to cover as well a part as the whole of your floor because these tatamis are sold separately by block. Choose the number of tatami mat you want and get a traditional Japanese room. 

 Tatami roll mat


A very practical and innovative model of tatami mattress because it can be transported by rolling it up to carry it very easily. This Japanese tatami mat can be used as yoga mat or sleeping mat.

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