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Tatami mat Okinawa style - Made in Japan

Tatami mat Okinawa style - Made in Japan

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Bring the essence of Japanese culture into your home with a beautiful and eco-friendly tatami rug from Okinawa Islands.

Made from Okinawa beeg rush grass, which is thicker and tougher than mainland rushes, this rug is a rare and valuable craftwork that's produced locally in Okinawa. its surface develops a beautiful candy color and luster, which adds to its aesthetic appeal.

In addition to being functional, this tatami rug is also a great way to add elegance and sophistication to any room. Its use of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials reflects the growing trend towards conscious consumerism, which emphasizes the importance of making ethical choices when it comes to the products we purchase.

Furthermore, the craftsmanship that goes into making each rug is exceptional, with skilled artisans taking great care to ensure that every piece is of the highest quality.

By incorporating a traditional Japanese flooring like a tatami rug into your home, you're not only adding an element of beauty and tranquility, but also promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness.

More details :

*Made of natural materials: Igusa rush grass Best quality
*100% Made in Japan.
* Tamai mat flooring is comfortable, breathable materials, relieve muscle tensions.
* Easy to clean and maintain, tatami mat provides natural insulation and ventilation.


Okinawa, Japan


Rush grass - Edge cloth / cotton (90% cotton-10%linen) And Lining 100% polyester (non-woven fabric)


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Botond Bari

I am so happy with the Okinawa style tatami I recieved 😊