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Handmade Shuro broom

Handmade Shuro broom

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Introducing our traditional Japanese palm broom, handmade by skilled artisans who specialize in crafting quality products using sustainable materials.

This eco-friendly broom is not only a functional tool for cleaning your entrance or other spaces, but it also embodies the principles of environmental sustainability.

Crafted from natural fibers of hemp palm bark, the broom's raw materials are flexible, soft, strong, and water-resistant. The palm bark fibers have a unique ability to pick up dust, hair, and other small debris, even the hard-to-see dust particles, without causing them to fly up. Additionally, the fibers contain oil content that gives them a shine that is distinct from wax.

The process of making this palm broom involves natural materials and hand craftsmanship, resulting in a unique and high-quality product that is also durable and long-lasting.

However, since the broom is made of natural hemp palm bark, there may be some powder that falls from it at the beginning of use. With proper care and use, this broom will provide you with a sustainable and effective cleaning solution for years to come.

*Please be careful not to use the broom on carpets at first, as the powder may fall off and make the carpets even more dirty.

**If the tip of the broom becomes spread out after prolonged use, or if the broom gets stuck sweeping, lightly dampen the tip with a mist and use a rubber band to hold the tip together to restore its original shape.




Chinese palm tree (hair), bamboo (handle), copper wire (winding wire)


Length 75 x Bottom 25 cm / Length 29.5 x Bottom 9.8 inch

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