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Handmade whisk broom and dustpan

Handmade whisk broom and dustpan

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Premium Craftsmanship: Mastery Beyond Ordinary

Witness a blend of dedication, skill, and tradition with our traditional Japanese hemp palm handy broom. Crafted meticulously by artisans who are masters in their trade, each broom is more than just a cleaning tool—it’s a testament to a legacy of excellence. Every sweep, every bristle, every detail showcases the artisan's commitment to creating a piece that is not just functional, but steeped in heritage and precision.

The Magic of Hemp Palm: Strength, Shine, and Functionality

Transition from mundane to exceptional with the natural fibers of hemp palm bark and bamboo that come together in our broom. Their inherent properties grant the broom its unique characteristics—soft yet strong, flexible yet durable, and impressively water-resistant. These brooms are designed to trap the minutest of dust particles without sending them airborne. But it’s not all about function. The natural oil content within the fibers imparts a sheen that no wax can emulate, adding a touch of beauty to your cleaning ritual. 

Sustainability: An Eco-Conscious Cleaning Revolution

As we traverse a world increasingly leaning towards environmental consciousness, our broom is a beacon of sustainability. Crafted from renewable sources like hemp palm bark and bamboo, using our broom is more than just a cleaning task; it's a nod to eco-responsibility. However, bear in mind the nuances of its natural make. Initially, some powder might shed from the broom—ensure it's shaken out well before use. Avoid using it on carpets initially to prevent the shedding powder from making them dirtier. And if wear and tear begin to show, a simple dampening and binding trick can rejuvenate its shape.




Chinese palm tree (hair), bamboo (handle), copper wire (winding wire) dustpan Japanese paper (persimmon tannin finish) / Bamboo


Dustpan W.20 x D.20 x H.7cm

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tim smayda

Very nice. I love it