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Hangiri wooden sushi oke

Hangiri wooden sushi oke

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Authentic Craftsmanship

Experience the art of sushi-making with our authentic Hangiri Sushi Oke, traditionally crafted from the eco-friendly Sawara cypress. This sushi basket, essential in every sushi enthusiast's arsenal of sushi supplies, boasts anti-bacterial properties, moisture resistance, and unparalleled durability.

Perfect Dimensions for Sushi Mastery

With dimensions of 36cm in diameter and 9cm in depth, our sushi oke ensures easy mixing of sushi rice with seasonings, while its wooden texture adeptly absorbs excess moisture. This process guarantees the perfect consistency for your sushi rice.

Elegant Presentation

Beyond functionality, the rich grain pattern of Sawara cypress brings a touch of elegance to your sushi-making and presentation.

Care & Maintenance

Treasure the embodiment of Japanese craftsmanship with proper care: clean thoroughly post-use, keep away from extreme temperatures, and never dry under direct sunlight.

Special Notes:

  • Variations in grain, color, and weight are natural attributes of the wood.
  • Avoid direct sunlight drying to prevent wood damage.
  • For longevity, rinse with fresh water post-use, place at an angle for air passage, and allow gentle drying. Dive into the realm of Japanese food with this indispensable sushi accessory, reflecting both tradition and quality.




    Sawara cypress (copper hoop)


    φ36xH.9cm / φ14.2x3.5inch

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