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Tetsubin cast iron teapot - Blue hexagonal pattern

Tetsubin cast iron teapot - Blue hexagonal pattern

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The Japanese tetsubin teapot, manufactured by Oiharu factory, is a beautiful and functional addition to any tea lover's collection.

Crafted with high-quality Japanese techniques, this eco-friendly and sustainable traditional cast iron teapot has intricate designs and patterns that make it a unique piece of art.

Retaining heat for longer periods of time, the cast iron also adds a subtle flavor to the tea, making each sip an experience. Invest in this piece for its durability and long-lasting quality, and pass it down through generations as a family heirloom.

The forged iron handle has a smooth surface, the forged iron body has a blue hexagonal pattern along the entire teapot with a rough surface, the spout is also rough and the infuser is made of stainless steel.


Iwate, Japan


Cast iron


L.14cm / 5.5 inch x H.12cm / 4.7 inch x D.11cm / 4.3 inch - 0.5 liter / 17 oz- 1091g / 2.4lbs

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