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Japanese tetsubin teapot- Stripe pattern

Japanese tetsubin teapot- Stripe pattern

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High-Quality Premium Craftsmanship

The Japanese tetsubin teapot, handcrafted by the revered Oiharu factory, epitomizes traditional Japanese craftsmanship. The intricacy of its patterns and designs transcends its primary role of brewing tea, positioning it as a remarkable work of art. This authentic tetsubin teapot is birthed from the meticulous dedication of artisans who have honed their expertise through generations.

The Benefits of Cast Iron

More than just a visual masterpiece, the nanbu tetsubin kettle has been constructed from cast iron, ensuring optimal heat retention. This quality keeps your tea warm for extended durations, subtly infusing flavors that heighten the overall tea-drinking experience. The durability of the tetsubin teapot makes it not just an excellent addition for tea enthusiasts but also a long-standing asset that stands the test of time, enhancing the tea's aroma and taste with each brew.


In today's environmentally-conscious age, sustainability is paramount. Our Japanese tetsubin not only boasts of eco-friendly materials but also upholds the rich tradition of Japanese craftsmanship. By choosing our tetsubin kettle, you are making a conscious decision to support time-honored practices that prioritize the planet's well-being. With proper maintenance, this teapot has the potential to evolve into a cherished family heirloom, passed down through future generations, reaffirming the timeless value of sustainable choices.


Iwate, Japan


Cast iron


L.16.5cm / 6.5 inch x H.16.5cm / 6.5inch x D.13.5cm / 5.3 inch - 0.7 liter / 23.6oz - 1400g / 3lbs

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