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Wooden sushi mold

Wooden sushi mold

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Experience the art of traditional Japanese food with our Oshizushi Wooden Sushi Mold. Crafted from sustainable Hinoki wood, this mold embodies the fusion of taste and eco-friendliness.

Sustainable & Aesthetic: Hinoki wood, renowned for its durability and intricate grain, isn't just a renewable choice; it elevates your sushi-making experience. As you craft your sushi, the wood's unique scent enchants, adding a layer of authenticity to your culinary journey.

Why Choose Hinoki? Beyond its eco-friendly credentials, Hinoki wood boasts natural antibacterial properties, ensuring a safe, hygienic sushi-making session. Plus, its delightful aroma infuses your sushi, taking the dining experience up a notch.

Simple Steps to Perfect Sushi:

  1. Ingredient Prep: Choose and prepare your sushi rice and toppings. Ensure rice is well-cooked and seasoned.
  2. Mold Moistening: Wet the mold's interior with a damp cloth to prevent sticking.
  3. Rice Layering: Add sushi rice into the mold, reserving space for toppings.
  4. Topping Time: Evenly spread your choice of fish, veggies, or pickles.
  5. Press & Shape: Firmly compress the ingredients with the mold's lid to achieve that distinctive oshizushi shape.
  6. Unmold & Enjoy: Gently release your sushi, slice, and savor the taste of tradition.

 With the Hinoki Oshizushi Sushi Mold, not only do you get a taste of Japanese culinary art but also a tool that's practical for bento boxes and on-the-go meals. Dive into the world of sushi supplies and accessories and redefine your sushi game!"






10 slices (35cm/13.7") 16 slices (53cm/20.8")

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