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Wooden Tofu Kit

Wooden Tofu Kit

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An authentic Tofu maker kit includes a traditional tofu box/press, a sheet cloth for making tofu, and is designed with sustainability and eco-friendliness in mind.

The tofu maker lid is made of uncoated sawara cypress wood, while the container is crafted from 100% natural white pine wood, which is clear coated to ensure its durability. A bamboo sheet at the bottom of the container serves as a filter for excess liquid from the tofu.

The base, created by passing the wood in a crisscross pattern and placing the bamboo strips on the bottom, is easily removable, making it simple to wash and dry. The tofu maker kit is not only functional but also of high quality Japanese craft, ensuring that it is a long-lasting investment.

Making tofu with this kit is an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to buying packaged tofu from the supermarket. It is easy to use, fun, and healthy, allowing you to rediscover the goodness of handmade tofu and its exceptional taste.

Precautions: This product is not dishwasher-safe or microwave-safe. Because it is made of natural materials and handmade, there may be variations in color and size.




Sawara cypress wood (tofu mold) , bamboo sheet andcotton (stainer cloth)


Tofu mold: 15.5cm/6.1inch x 10cm/3.9inch

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