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Hinoki Futomaki sushi kit maker

Hinoki Futomaki sushi kit maker

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Elevate Your Sushi Experience

Experience the art of Japanese food with our Hinoki Futomaki Sushi Kit Maker - an essential for every sushi aficionado! Crafted from the exquisite Hinoki wood, known for its natural resistance to decay, this kit promises durability alongside elegance.

Components for Perfect Sushi

Included in this premium set are three vital components:

  • a makizushi tray,
  • a makisu (bamboo mat), 
  • a pressing plate.
Crafting sushi is made simple:
  1. lay the mat in the tray,
  2. layer nori, rice,
  3. and fillings,
  4. then press seamlessly with the wooden plate.

Embrace Authentic Japanese Cuisine

Roll, slice, and savor the perfection. It's not just a tool, but a journey into the heart of Japanese cuisine. Perfect as a gift or for elevating your own culinary adventures!


Japan (Bamboo: China)


Hinoki, spruce and bamboo


10.2 x 3.0 x 2.2 inches (26 x 7.5 x 5.5 cm), Roll: Approx. 9.4 x 8.3 inches (24 x 21 cm)

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