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sushi serving plate - flat style

sushi serving plate - flat style

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Elevate Your Sushi

Experience Elevate your sushi experience with our handcrafted sushi and sashimi tray, meticulously crafted from 100% natural Hinoki Cypress wood. Celebrate the timeless elegance of Japanese food with this authentic sushi plate, showcasing the intrinsic beauty of hinoki, a cypress tree indigenous to Japan.

Unique Aesthetic Details

The tray's distinct red knot amplifies its elegance, making each piece truly unique. Beyond its visual appeal, the wooden sushi plate serves as a testament to eco-conscious choices and sustainable living. Its design stands as a symbol of impeccable Japanese craftsmanship, aligning aesthetics with eco-friendliness.

Natural Hygiene and Safety

More than just a sushi tray, the Hinoki wood boasts natural antimicrobial properties. This ensures hygiene, inhibiting bacterial growth, and making it a prime choice for sushi supplies and accessories.

Distinct Features:

  • Each tray is adorned with a unique red knot, emphasizing its handcrafted nature.
  • Hinoki wood, known for its specific features, offers both beauty and functionality.

Care & Maintenance

  • Not suitable for dishwasher or microwave.
  • Being a natural and handmade product, expect slight variations in color, grain, and size.
  • Embrace the organic nature of the material, noting that the wood might feel slightly rough around the knots.




Hinoki-Cypress wood


27cm/10.6 x 18cm/7inch x H3cm/1.18inch

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