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wooden sushi tray - flat board

wooden sushi tray - flat board

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Traditional Elegance in Presentation
"Discover the elegance of traditional Japanese food presentation with our Hinoki wooden sushi plate and tray collection. Expertly handcrafted from 100% natural Cypress wood Hinoki, this sushi tray is the embodiment of Japanese craftsmanship. Its unique red knot design elevates every sushi and sashimi dish, making your creations stand out with unparalleled style."

The Hinoki Difference
"Hinoki, native to Japan, is renowned for its beautiful aesthetic, ensuring your sushi plate showcases each dish's artistry. Beyond aesthetics, Hinoki wood boasts natural antimicrobial properties, ensuring the highest hygiene standards for your sushi supplies."

Eco-friendly Dining Choice
"Each wooden sushi plate not only enhances your dining experience but is also an eco-friendly choice, celebrating sustainability. The presence of the Hinoki wood in our sushi accessories ensures that every bite is served with a blend of safety, elegance, and environmental consciousness."

Unique Craftsmanship
"Do note, each unit's red knots lend a unique touch, symbolizing the natural beauty of Hinoki. And remember, as with all fine crafts, variations in color, grain, and size showcase its authentic handcrafted nature."

Care Instructions
"For longevity, please avoid dishwasher and microwave use. Dive into the world of luxurious Japanese food presentation with our traditional wooden sushi plate and tray."




Hinoki-Cypress wood


36cm/14.1 x 21cm/8.2inch x H3cm/1.18inch

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