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Tetsubin - Cast iron teapot -Round shape

Tetsubin - Cast iron teapot -Round shape

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Japanese Aesthetic: Tetsubin - The Quintessence of Tea

Dive into the heart of Japanese tea culture with our beautifully designed Tetsubin teapot. With its round shape and intrinsic beauty, it becomes more than just a teapot—it's a symbol of serenity and harmony.

Handicraft: The Mastery of Oiharu

Originating from the acclaimed Oiharu factory, this teapot exemplifies Japan's traditional artistry. From its fluid handle to the vertically striped, round cast iron body, and the smoothly crafted spout, every element reflects precision and craftsmanship. Nestled inside, a stainless steel infuser stands ready to steep your preferred tea blend.

Experience and Legacy

Beyond its functional attributes, this teapot carries a legacy. It’s a piece that can be handed down through generations, evolving into a family heirloom. Infused with elegance, tradition, and a story, it promises to make your tea times a blend of nostalgia and cultural celebration.

Invest in a piece that stands for eco-friendliness, art, and timeless tradition. Elevate your tea rituals with the elegance and warmth of Tetsubin.


Iwate, Japan


Cast iron


L.14cm / 5.5 inch x H.12cm / 4.7 inch x D.11cm / 4.3 inch - 0.5 liter / 17 oz- 1091g / 2.4lbs

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