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Premium Hinoki Cypress Wooden Tofu Maker Kit

Premium Hinoki Cypress Wooden Tofu Maker Kit

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Experience the Art of Tofu Making

Unveil the authentic Japanese craftsmanship with our Hinoki cypress wood Tofu maker kit. This premium tofu press, made from natural Hinoki, offers a top-tier tofu-making experience while boasting antibacterial properties.

Our tofu maker kit goes beyond being a mere tool. It's your eco-friendly gateway to meat alternatives. The kit has everything: a tofu box/press, cloth bag, and sheet, allowing you to create up to 16 tofu blocks. Dive into this healthy culinary journey and honor traditional Japanese craftsmanship.

Care for Longevity

This handmade tofu press requires care. It's neither dishwasher nor microwave safe. Embrace its unique nature, with slight variations in color and size that add to its charm.

How to make Tofu with the wooden tofu maker kit?

  1. Start with soy milk and our provided nigari salt.
  2. Lay the filter, add the milk and salt, press, and let it set.
  3. Within an hour, relish fresh, homemade tofu from our exquisite Hinoki cypress press.

Prioritize Health and Taste

Elevate your cooking and adopt a sustainable lifestyle with our tofu maker. Embrace a greener, tastier alternative to meat with the best utensils. With tofu's rising popularity as a meat substitute, having the perfect tofu equipment becomes vital. Our wooden press is a blend of aesthetic and function, doubling as a kitchen artwork and a cooking utensil.




Hinoki (tofu mold) , cotton (stainer cloth)


Tofu mold: 17cm/6.7inch x 12.3cm/4.7inch x H10 cm/3.9inch Stripping cloth : 37cm/14.7inch x 34 cm/13.4inch

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