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wooden rice bucket - OHITSU 630ml/220oz

wooden rice bucket - OHITSU 630ml/220oz

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What is a “Ohitsu”?

An ohitsu, traditionally known as a Japanese wooden rice container or rice bucket, is an integral part of Japanese culinary culture. Rooted deeply in tradition, it is used to store and serve freshly cooked rice, preserving its warmth and moisture, ensuring that the grains remain perfectly fluffy and delicious.

Craftsmanship & Design

Elevate your kitchen with the timeless elegance of our traditional Japanese ohitsu. Crafted meticulously from the beautifully grained Hinoki cypress wood, this Japanese wooden rice container boasts a robust design and a renowned rocking finish. It's not just a wooden kitchen tool; it's a piece of Japanese culinary heritage, essential for every household passionate about traditional cooking.

Functional Features

Every ohitsu comes with a specialized rice scoop, thoughtfully designed to fetch rice seamlessly from the container's square corners. Beyond its striking aesthetics, this high-quality kitchen tool ensures your rice stays fresh, organized, and ever ready for serving.

☆ Experience the transformative touch of tradition that elevates the flavor of your rice.

☆ Use the ohitsu to seamlessly transfer cooked rice to a kamado or another container, storing it in optimal conditions for that perfect bite.

☆ Benefit from its uncoated design: Excess water is absorbed, guaranteeing non-sticky, fluffy rice that remains delicious even after cooling.

Care & Maintenance Guidelines

  • Occasionally, resin might surface, appearing as a sticky, yellow stain. It’s a natural occurrence and completely harmless. Simply wipe it away with vinegar or sterilizing alcohol for a clean surface. Some yellow traces might linger, but rest assured, its use remains safe.
  • Post-use, cleanse your Japanese wooden rice bucket thoroughly with hot water, ensuring no food remnants are left behind. Such residues can lead to black stains. Once washed, drain properly, pat dry, and ensure it's stored in a cool, well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight. If left damp, the wood can shrink, leading to potential cracks and the loosening of the copper ornamentation. Prolonged dampness can also result in molding or staining.
  • Please note, this product is not compatible with dishwashers.




Hinoki cypress wood


18 x 18 x H12.2 cm / 7 x 7 x H4.9inch - 1800ml / 60oz

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