Best Japanese hot  spring : Kusatsu onsen

Best Japanese hot spring : Kusatsu onsen

Winter is coming

snow mountains next to a lac under a blue sky

Winter is settling in the North of Japan and the snow is falling in grey flakes. An ici wind coming from the great north blows and dries the air of the mountain valleys. The mountainsides are covered with snow and we can see clous of steam evaporating from the volcanic lands and thermal springs. A land of contrats and wild beauty, nature in Japan is not only a beautiful landscape, it is part of our being.

A region near Tokyo symbolizes this picturesque landscape: The kusatsu region. Located in the north-central part of Japan, not far from Japan, this 1000-year-old spa is an ideal place for lovers of hot springs, relaxation and slow life.


From Tokyo to kusatsu

The easy way to reach kusatsu station without any trouble is by bus! Because, there is no train station at kusatsu, only a bus station. In Tokyo, we can take a bus to kusatsu from almost any station (Tokyo, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Nerima etc...) It will cost you 8000¥for a round-trip ticket. However, the hours that you have to endure are quite exhausting but it's worth it.  To reach Kusatsu, located in Gunma prefecture, the bust will take the highway and once it arrives at the Gunma mountains, the bus will start dive up to 1200 meters altitude through a winding road. And finally, the bus stop at its final destination at the kustatsu bus terminal. From there, it will take 10mn by foot to get to the city centre.

A charming village

Kusatsu has kept its old wooden houses, its small streets lined with old stores with their stalls of traditional cakes, grilled food and other delicacies. Also, there are new boutiques selling high quality food, elegantly decorated cafes and crowded restaurant serving typical Japanese meals.

 kusatsu village with hot spring and snow  

However, Kusatsu is famous for its onsen. Kusatsu onsen is one of Japan's most famous hot spring resorts and is blessed with large volumes of high quality hot spring water said to cure every illness.

kusatsu hotspring village in winter


Relax and take a bath

After a long walk in the chilling winter of kusatsu, it is time to take a bath in one of the large number of bath house at your disposal all around the city. The main source of the hot sulfur water is right in the middle of the village. To cool down the water, an ancient system using wooden container can be observed that gives a retro atmosphere to the scenery. The water is creamy white and quite hot and once you enter into the water, a feeling of relaxation, emptiness and voluptuousness goes through your body.

smoke hot water in a wooden bath  

One last thing, if you go to Tokyo, you really have to go there.

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