Everything you wanted to know about tatami

Everything you wanted to know about tatami

You want to put a tatami on the floor of your living room or your kitchen but you hesitate because you as yourself all kinds of questions.

In this article, I will answer the questions that a large number of people ask themselves when they acquire a tatami for the first time.

1. How tatami mats are made?

Originally, the tatami mats were made of rice straw and even the inside part was made of multilayered rice straw, tightly fastened  and compressed. Nowadays, the cover part is made of natural rush grass named "Igusa". On the following pictures, you can see how the ones we sold are made of natural material. If you want more details on our tatami mats on sale in our shop, please click the following link:


rush grass field for tatami

 2. Can tatami mats get wet?

Yes! Keep it away from humidity!

It is very important to keep your tatami mats dry, keep it away from humid place. Moisty room will damage your tatami, it will get black moist spot in it and moisty smell will appear. 

3. Can tatami mats be used outdoor?

I will not advise to use it outdoor, laid on a lawn for example because the water from the lawn will damage the rush grass of the tatami and mold spots may appear. But if you live in a dry area with no humidity, you can put it on a dry ground and enjoy natural fresh air.

4. Can you put tatami on a carpet?

Yes, definitely! If you want to put your tatami on your carpet, that's not a problem at all. You can replace your old carpet by a natural flooring. It is important, to clean your tatami with a dry towel. 

5. which room has a tatami mat?

In Japan, traditionally, tatami mats were installed in the living room for family gathering. Also, it is very common to find a bedroom or a guestroom where tatami mats are laid to enjoy a moment of tranquility and well-being.

living room with tatami mat

room with tatami mat

6. Are tatami mats comfortable and good for the back?

I would say it obviously depends on the person. However, personally, I find it pleasant to spend time sitting or lying on the tatami mat because the smell of grass calms you down and gives you a certain feeling of well-being. Regarding back pain, if lying on the tatami, you feel light and comfortable, that can only relieve pain. But, that's just an opinion :)

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