sakura trees along the river in Tokyo

Sento-Run : Jog and bath in Toshimaen (Tokyo)

There are moments in life that we would like to be eternal and the one I am about to present to you is one of them.

These small pleasures

After a long week spent in the Japanese megalopolis and that finally arrives Sunday morning, it's time for me to put on my sneakers, take a sports bag with a change of clothes, swimsuit and toiletries to go for an hour and half jogging. At 9 o'clock in the morning, I start my race from Toshimaen station. From here, I run along the shakujii river, reaching the Tohoku park, stopping there to stretch and to dome some musculation exercises while contemplating the color of the trees surrounding the area, and finally I go back to reach my favorite spa bath house place: Niwanoyu.

I really appreciate to run in this area for different reasons: First, different kind of trees stand long the river and particularly cherry blossom "Sakura" trees, so I let you imagine the beauty of the scenery during spring time when the cherry tree are in bloom. 

autumn tree along the river  spring tree along the river walking path along the river with flowers

Second, there are different kind of birds also enjoying the fresh sun light of a sunday morning: Ducks are using the river as a an airport runway, birds singing along the river and sometimes we can distinguish a whooping crane waiting on the edge of theriver to catch its breakfast.

Duck on a tree next to a river  a crane in the river


And third, on Sunday morning, Japanese kids are already dressed in their flamboyant baseball uniform, getting ready on the field to impress all the grownup armed with their cameras in order to eternalize the sunday morning baseball game. 

After 30 minutes of gentle jogging, the park Tohoku welcome its visitors with its large lawns, its baseball fields and its racetrack. I usually stop next to it and do some exercices of musculation. The race track is surrounded with trees particularly colorful in autumn. 

It's time to go back on my step back and to reach the final destination.

   river in autumn

Relax and calm

I can see the bath house from the river. Another 10 minutes and I will enter the Japanese bathing house : Niwa no Yu.

building of niwa no yu spa next to a river

"Niwa no YU" literally means the hot spring in the garden. And indeed, in addition to the mix indoor pool with its different massage water jet, its outdoor sauna and jacuzzi, we can enjoy a tranquil bath while overlooking the Japanese garden. This natural hot spring, abundant with minerals, is drawn from 1445 meters underground.

And without forgetting that we can go to the second floor to rest, eating an icecream or even eating.

Finally, your body and mind are fresh and relax. We only feel peace and tranquility around us. Thank you Nature!

General information:

  • Running course: From Toshimaen Station, run along the Shakuji River and cross the bridge at Hikawadai Station, continue along the Shakuji River, you will arrive at Johoku Central Park, you can walk around the park and return to Toshiamen Station.
  • Distance : 6.2km.


    •  NIWA NO YU address : 3-25-1 Koyama, Nerima City, Tokyo 176-8531
    • Website :
    • Access : 1 minute walk from Toshimaen station.
    • Opening hours : from 10:00 to 23:00 (No holidays).
    • Price : General 2310 yens - Night pass (after 18:00) 1295 yens - Rental swimming suits available for 440 yens.

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