source of a hot spring water in Aomori

A journey to a Japanese hot spring

Winter season, best time for a onsen

Winter is coming, with is freezing air and cold wind. Waking up in an early morning, feeling cold and thinking to return under your warm duvet, these are the true sensation of winter is.

What a delight to plan a journey into Japanese countryside where a cosy, warm and stylish Ryokan, the name given to a traditional Japanese Inn. I surely say that my favorite area to enjoy a hot spring place is located in Tohoku, the northern area of Japan, very appreciated for the quality of the water and delicious food.

In winter time, deep in the forest between Gunma, Tochigi and Fukushima, a creamy water in a outdoor hot spring is waiting for the mountain walker. 

japanese spa onsen in a winter season landscape

During winter, we can pour the hot creamy water thanks to wooden Hinoki bucket sitting in a wooden stool. 

The scent of hinoki wood and spa water loaded with mineral elements smoothe and heal physical pain. 

When spring is coming, the freshness of the air invigorates and the color of springs 


 When night falls and the diner served has been savored, time to enjoy a last bath outside to contemplate the reflections of the moon on the creamy water.

Japanese thermal water in the night time


The following bath tools are made of natural Hinoki wood, please click on the picture for more details.





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